Hotels and Afternoon Tea

There are many more hotels that offer afternoon tea basingstoke that you can find by searching the net. Make sure that you enjoy the traditional British yea atmosphere by staying in these hotels and enjoying your afternoon tea over there.

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When booking a Basingstoke hotel, ensure that you check the fare offered by its restaurant. While you can always opt for visiting restaurants situated in close proximity to the hotel you plan to stay in while visiting Basingstoke, opting for hotels that include a restaurant comes in help when you are too lazy to venture out or there are no restaurants in the vicinity. This is important if you plan to visit the city during a conference and stay in a hotel located close to the airport. Traditionally, restaurants are only available in the city proper, making it difficult for you to find them if you reside in one close to the airport. A quick online search will provide you with details about hotels in Basingstoke. Once you have prepared a list of them, visit the website of each hotel to check if they have an in house restaurant too. Once you have completed this task, check the sweets, savories, and drinks offered by them as well as their prices too. Check the remarks posted by previous visitors to that hotel about the quality of its restaurant as well as the quality of the food it offers.

Holiday Inn is among the popular hotels that also has a restaurant, which offers afternoon tea too, served between 2 pm to 5 pm. This is one of the rare restaurants where you can enjoy the classic British tradition of afternoon tea. They offer mouth watering cakes, clotted cream, strawberry jam, freshly baked fruit scones along with a wide range of coffee and tea. You can also avail of these delicious dishes in the hotel's upper lounge too.

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Audley Woods Hotel is another hotel preferred by tourists because of the delectable food they serve in their restaurant. If you love afternoon tea along with dishes such as scones, pastries, handmade cakes, dainty sandwiches, and specialty teas, then this is the ideal hotel. The chefs of this hotel's restaurant only use the finest ingredients available for preparing those dishes. The view over the garden and the vaulted ceilings of the restaurant create a sense of grandeur. They have a nifty device that reminds you when the tea you choose is brewed to your personal taste.